Hospitality Fitouts

At Burke and Wills Projects we specialise in providing commercial fitout solutions for hospitality businesses in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Hospitality fitouts in particular make a huge difference for businesses that offer accommodation, food, drinks, and a space to unwind and socialise. If you are in the hospitality industry you know that the ambiance or the atmosphere of the venue can make or break your business..

That is just good food may not be enough for your patrons to come back after the first visit. The atmosphere is a very important factor in creating a memorable experience for your customers. Hospitality fitouts help you to design and create a restaurant interior that supports your brand and attracts your ideal target market. The right ambience is crucial to your success and your bottom line.

Custom designed hospitality fitouts

Good food and excellent service is very important but if your customers feel welcomed and relaxed, they may be more likely to wait a little longer for the service, and most importantly, return and bring family or friends with them. Focusing on growing repeat business and customer retention is a great strategy. If your table service and your food is great, custom designed hospitality fitouts can help you retain existing customers almost effortlessly.

People who have a positive experience stay longer, order more food and drinks, and leave good reviews on social media and recommend your services to others.

When describing a restaurant ambiance, people often use words such as appearance, clean and décor. Clean, appealing look can be achieved with hospitality fitouts even if the space is not that great and your budget is limited.

If you are not sure how hospitality fitouts can boost your business, give us a call. We can help you decide what currently works and what doesnt and find the best solution for you. Our expert design team has years of experience in choosing the best colour scheme, furniture. and the right lightning. Even small changes can make a big difference. A complete transformation can save a struggling business.

We can bring your vision to life!

Whether you have a plan ready or need a lot of help, our dedicated team can assist you. We can bring your vision to life and completely transform your restaurant or bar and make it more attractive to your patrons. Depending on your target market, you may want your restaurant look casual or sophisticated, but it always must be clean comfortable, and appealing

We can start with creating the first impression that people get when they walk in or fixing poor lighting problems. Dimly lit places may feel more romantic but if your  lighting is so low that the customers can’t read the menu or see the food, they will not be happy.

Another reason that makes people come back and stay longer is  comfort.  Hospitality fitouts can improve that dramatically. It is all about the right amount of space, comfy furniture, the feeling of cosiness or spaciousness that can change  completely when the place is redesigned  and refurbished. The right environment in your restaurant or hotel has another benefit: it creates a better, safer workplace and prevents employee burnout and stress.

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