Commercial Fitouts

Commercial fitouts vary depending on the industry, size of the business, building type, project complexity, client’s needs and expectations, and other factors.

At Burke and Wills Projects, we offer a complete hassle-free end-to-end solution by taking care of everything from the initial concept design through obtaining permits and approvals to construction and handover.

We streamlined our process, modifying and optimizing every step of the project to reduce project duration without cutting corners. Our priority is to create a new space that will allow your business to thrive.

Each step of the commercial fitouts process is important. Before creating the design, we need to understand our clients current situation and their needs. We gather all the information about their workspace and all the changes they need, including task areas, staff facilities, team interactions, design of meeting rooms, IT and AV requirements, the look they want to achieve and much more. All these factors may affect the project duration and cost. We know from over 35 years of working in numerous areas of the construction  industry that each industry has its own set of criteria and what is crucial for one business may be considered optional for another.

One of the factors that affect commercial fitouts is availability and suitability of the workspace. Size of the space is very important, but we also consider the condition of the venue, lighting, and facilities such as kitchen area and toilets.

The design stage may take more or less time depending on the complexity of the project. Whether you have a commercial  fitouts plan and detailed specification of all the construction work you want to be done, or you just have a workspace problem and no idea how to solve it we are here to help.

Committed to providing the very best experience

At Burke & Wills Projects, we are committed to providing the very best experience to our clients. We enjoy working with all types of businesses across many industries, from little cafes and corner shops to commercial offices, corporate venues, motels and shopping centres. Each project presents different challenges, and we tailor each one to achieve the best results, no matter how big or small. If you are planning to refurbish your commercial space for your potential tenants, we can help you modify it so it  increases suitability of the place and increases the property value and attracts quality long-term tenants.

Whether you need basic refurbishments and maintenance or luxurious commercial fitouts that completely transform your restaurant, shop or medical centre we can do it. We have a commitment to delivering the best workmanship and the best service every time. Each project is treated as our biggest priority, and we always help you choose the best solutions that are designed to suit your needs.

A Team with years of experience!

Our project management team has  years of experience of managing all aspects of commercial fitouts. They have the knowledge of the laws that apply to the building and construction industry and take care of all the necessary permits and approvals to ensure that the finished project is suitable for your business and completed in full compliance with the law.

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